About Us

Kabanga school of Nursing established since 1960. Is an institution organized under the Catholic Diocese of Kigoma –Tanzania. The college is dedicated to developing dynamic and entrepreneurial health workers who will engage and realize their full potential and that of their community, their country and the world at large. The College offers students a healthy balance between social and academic activities including lectures, discussions, research and presentations, social welfare, cultural and sporting activities.
The institution is also recognized by the Tanzania Nurses Council (TNMC) as well as the Ministry of Health, Community Development Gender Elderly and Children. Since its establishment in 1960,the institution has been engaged in training nurses at certificate level.However in 2004 the school started to conduct nursing course at Diploma level. At present the institution is conducting Nursing course Certificate and Diploma level, this means we have only one department which is Nursing. The institution offers full boarding.
Kabanga school of Nursing has the status of full Registration No /HAS/023 by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE).

Mission & Vision

To have conducive and sustainable teaching and learning environment that online thesis writing will allow students to attain knowledge, skills and attitudes in caring for the sick, promoting health and preventing diseases to all Tanzanians wherever they are.

A centre of Excellence in health education, research, community service and consultancy with scholars and professionals.

Our core value
The core values of Kabanga School of Nursing include good governance, quality performance, commitment, teamwork, equal opportunity and social responsibility.